Definition: Halal is Arabic and means permitted. The contrary is Haram which is anything that is not permitted or allowed.

In Islam Halal or Haram is not restricted only to food and beverage. It is rather dealing with the consumption of different goods and services.

The Potential: World halal consumption is estimated to be about 641 billion $ and the market is growing. In Europe the turnover is estimated to be about 67 billion $ where Muslim population has exploded from less than 250,000 to between 15 and 20 million.

In Switzerland there about 450,000 Muslims living here. Most of them live in the German speaking part of Switzerland (Turks, Bosnians, Kosovars, Albanians, Asians, Arabs) or in French speaking Switzerland (Arabic-speaking Muslims, North Africans). Very few Muslims live in Ticino.

The Service Providers: To many of these people the products and services they consume have to be halal. Some companies are aware of it but the opportunities have to be explored. It is a huge potential and a big challenge for international companies and service providers. With the economic evolution in Europe and North America Halal products and serices can help to target another segment of consumers not only Muslims but also others.

The Halal certification: A Halal certification can help a company sell more as it gives the consumer the insurance the product is meeting Halal requirement.